Marsabit Water Project

  • LocationMarsabit surrounding areas (landscapes) KENYA

Water is a key aspect of life. Marsabit is a characterized by sporadic drought; as a result, water borne diseases, inadequate water for consumption and food insecurity is a constant challenge. Water project in Marsabit was intended to foster improved food security and cultivate peace. The water project has improved the livelihood of the local community through access to clean and safe water for consumption and horticulture farming.


Agriculture in Kenya needs intense development to realize its potential. SOMIRENEC work towards tackling problems and challenges faced in rural farming communities. We train farmers on conservative agriculture (CA) practices in order to offer the opportunity to conserve natural resources, cut down production cost while reducing yield fluctuations and associated risk. An integrated approach is employed to ensure CA practices become attractive to smallholders, and to test extension and supply channels for quality inputs, appropriate and affordable technology, and for best practice advice to small-scale farmers.