Peace Building & Conflict Resolution

Peacebuilding and Conflict Management Program, SOMIRENEC works with communities, grassroots organizations and Government Agencies to enhance peaceful co-existence in Kenya.

Hello Kenyan Program

SOMIRENEC in partnership with the Administration Police through community focused approach, research and community safety needs assessment has effectively leveraged for peace through Hello Kenyan Programme in Baringo,Laikipia,Isiolo Counties and Kibera Slums.

The uniqueness for “Hello Kenyan” program lies on the approach that seeks to understand existing Policy and intervention mechanisms related to peace and community safety, with a view to offer software-thinking focusing on long term strategy.The best practices in peace building and conflict management begins with right understanding of a conflict scenario and ends with the right intervention. The same applies to community safety related challenges. Intervention and response for peace is thus a crucial link to all peace activities currently undertaken by government-led agencies and civil society organizations.

Research Development and Publication

Collaboratively with TUC – ISMM and Administration Police of Kenya, SOMIRENEC has carried out research in Peace building and conflict management in the Rift Valley Province. The research culminated into establishment of Peace Cop Offices in Nakuru and Nairobi County.