Community Policing Meeting – Sabulmogh, West Pokot County

Community Policing is the approach to policing which aims at establishing an active and equal partnership between the Police and the public through which crime and community safety issues can jointly be discussed and solutions determined and implemented. In this regard, SOMIRENEC in collaboration with the Assistant County Commissioner (ACC), Cheptulel division and the National Police Service, Sigor Sub-County facilitated a community policing meeting at Sabulmogh in Cheptulel location, West Pokot County. The meeting brought together representatives from the National Police Service led by the Officer Commanding Station (OCS), Police officers, community members, Nyumba Kumi, village elders, ward Admin and Religious leaders.  The meeting aimed at strengthening community owned peace building structures for  Sustainable Peace.

some of the challenges raised during the meeting included:
1. Increased drought that has led to the shortage of water and pasture for Livestock.
2. Regular attacks by bandits from the neighboring counties which has led to the movement of community members from one place to another in search of peace.
3. Insufficient food supply in the area which has being caused by the severe drought being experienced
4. Closure of schools in the area due to insecurity issues surrounding the Community

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