Boma Peace Meeting- West Pokot County

On 14th and 15th December 2022. Somirenec held boma peace meetings at Kases and Takaywa respectively. The meetings were majorly attended by women. The meetings aimed at calling upon women to take lead in influencing their sons (Morans) to abandon banditry vices and embrace peace.

In both meetings, the following issues came out:

  1. Women expressed their fear about increasing number of illegal firearms both in Turkana and Pokot.
  2. The boundary from Turkwel to Ombolion is not clear, both Turkana and Pokot claim that their area has been encroached. This is an issue that the government needs to address urgently.
  3. Women felt that the government has failed to protect people and their properties and hence Morans have taken up the responsibility of protecting their communities and properties. This has caused the increase of illegal firearms in the local communities.
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