Community Policing meeting- West Pokot County

Community Policing recognizes voluntary participation of the local community in the maintenance of peace and security. The approach acknowledges that the police need to be responsive to the communities and their needs. This enhances joint problem identification and problem-solving while respecting the different responsibilities the police and the public have in the field of crime prevention and maintaining order.
In this regard, SOMIRENEC in collaboration with Peace and security actors in Pokot Central facilitated a Community Policing meeting at Sekerot Location, Chesegon Division at Nyang’aita Primary school. present were community members and Nyumba Kumi representatives. the meeting aimed at strengthening and enhancing community owned peace processes.
USTAHIMILIVU project is funded by the European Union in Kenya and is implemented in a consortium with Northern Rangelands Trust, Somirenec, E4Impact Foundation, Amref Health Africa and CEFA – Kenya & Somalia.