Peace Monitor led Meeting – West Pokot County

Community peace dialogues are very important in building a cohesive society where people congregate at the smallest unit to discuss insecurity issues affecting them and propose possible solutions.

On Saturday 12th November 2022, Mr. Hassan Kibet who is one of SOMIRENEC’S peace monitor led a peace meeting that brought together over 40 women and 20 men at Lodukumo in Nasolot village. This follows a series of killings in the area that has left resident of West Pokot in areas bordering Turkana worried. The team agreed to maintain order as they wait for the government to provide a long lasting solution. Meanwhile, lack of water and food remains the main challenge affecting residents.

The peace monitor was also recognized for discharging his duties diligently and more so the efforts he has put in place to reach out to women and youth. This ensures that women’s and youth’s voices are heard in shaping their lives in the Community.

USTAHIMILIVU project aims  to support increased resilience of communities to drought and other effects of climate change in Arid and Semi Arid (ASAL) areas. Within the project, SOMIRENEC is in charge of implementing Conflict Management and Peace Building  activities in West Pokot County.

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