Peace Monitor-led Meetings – West Pokot County

Peace monitors’-led meetings are held at the grass root level to provide an environment of dialogue among community members. Peace monitors in West Pokot County held meetings in Orwa, Akiriamet and Tikiti from 22nd -24th March 2023. The meetings aimed at discussing current security issues faced by the residents.

Some of the challenges faced by people in included the paralysis caused by the ongoing security operation, hunger that has greatly affected children, unavailability of learners in schools due to fear of insecurity and the operation. At Akiriamet, the community deliberated on their role in peace building and lobbied for the use of media in airing out their issues.

USTAHIMILIVU project is a four year resilience project, funded by the European Union in Kenya. Under the project, SOMIRENEC is implementing peace building and conflict management activities

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