Water and Sanitation Program

SOMIRENEC’s Water and Sanitation Program provides water for drinking as well as improving sanitation and hygiene.

Program Overview

SOMIRENEC aims at providing clean and safe water to marginalized communities in both the pastoral areas and slum communities. Water is fundamental in improving the livelihoods of the communities in Arid and Semi-Arid Counties. In the slums, clean freshwater is essential for drinking as well as improving sanitation and hygiene.

Water project in Leyayi between Songa in Marsabit County

This area is inhabited by both the Samburu and Borana communities. The two communities used to fight due to inadequate water and pasture supply. As a way of restoring peace, SOMIRENEC established a water point for both communities. The water was tapped from the forest. The water point provided water for the cattle from the two communities. The water was also used for domestic use as the water point acted as an interacting point for the two warring communities. About six households near the water point also started using the water to improve nutrition by establishing home gardens.

Provision of water tanks and improved ablution blocks for schools in Nairobi informal settlements

This is an ongoing project in Kawangware and Kibera slums. SOMIRENEC has provided water tanks for St. Michael Nursery School, Havard School and St. Stephen Preparatory School. This has improved access to clean and safe water for the Orphans and Vulnerable children schools. Furthermore, clean and safe water has improved the health of the children by drastically reducing chances of water borne infections through improved hygiene.

Program impact

Children who have access to clean drinking water in school
Beneficiary schools

Target SDGs

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